Local Frequencies 

Frequency (MHz), repeater offset (+ or -), pl tone (Hz) 

N7RUG Repeater Aspen Mountain (EMA/SARC)
146.610 – 100 Hz   Telephone Patch: (307) 382-7672

Local Emergency Net Simplex Operation:

146.610 simplex should be used in the case of repeater failure/power failure. This is our Emergency Net Frequency. In the case of a disaster, we would meet here. The EOC will use the 61 repeater’s phone patch to “call us out” when we are to be deployed in a disaster or emergency if the phone line and repeater are operational. 

WY7U Repeater Aspen Mountain (EMA/SARC)
146.940 – 100 Hz The Green River Basin 2 meter net meets weekly on Sunday evenings at 7:30pm Mountain Time on the 146.940- 100hz, also linked to KE7UUJ-R echolink node #865361. Please check in! We need your weekly participation! 

N7ABC Repeaters
146.670 –  100 Hz Buffalo Hump Repeater (Snowbird/Intermountain Intertie) Down for Repairs
444.500 + 123 Hz Wilkin’s Peak IRLP (IRLP node #7955) 

N7ERH Repeater Qualey Ridge (Lincoln County)

449.300 – 127.3 Hz  (NEW, installation pending) 

KE7UUJ D-STAR Repeater Aspen Mountain (NEW)

146.655 – D-STAR Digital Voice  (RPT 1 – KE7UUJ/A) 

KC7BJY Repeater Hogsback Mtn. (Sublette County) (EchoLink #363938)
146.880 – 100 Hz (The Big Piney Net meets every Monday Evening at 7:30pm GMT) 

D-STAR, Rock Springs area simplex frequencies: (NEW)

147.600  D-STAR Digital Voice Access Point (DVAP)

Rock Springs, WY (RPT 1- KE7UUJ/L)

145.670  National D-STAR Calling Frequency

145.655  Rock Springs D-STAR Digital Voice local chat 

KF7ELU Repeater Hickey Mtn. (Uinta County) 

144.635 + 127.3 Hz 

Other Frequencies:

146.520 FM   Calling Frequency/Emergency Frequency

446.000 FM   Calling Frequency/Emergency Frequency

144.200 SSB & CW Calling Frequency

432.100 SSB & CW Calling Frequency

52.525 FM     Calling Frequency

50.125 USB   Calling Frequency

28.400 USB   Calling Frequency


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