2018 Boy Scout Spring Camporee

The camporee was held at historic Fort Bridger. The first group got to help set up our tower. They found out that cranking it up can be a lot of work. We instructed the scouts on basic radio knowledge, radio direction finding and how it could be used and why. When demonstrating the VHF calling frequency and how it could work, a young ham called back (teenager) and communicated with us. The scouts were amazed.



Run the Red Desert

There is an annual run through the Red Desert with distances of 5k, 25k and 50k. This run is in area of the Killpecker Sand Dunes and Boar’s Tusk. The group usually has to rent satellite radios for emergencies as there is no cell service in the area. Someone came up with the idea of asking radio operators to help and the hams from Lander and SARC stepped up to provide communication at the start/finish line and various aid stations around the courses. It worked good, the group was appreciative of our service and we will be back next year.




2018 Field Day

We set up in Collier Park in Green River. Band conditions were not the greatest and we didn’t make as many contacts as previous years. Rick (N1TEK) setup and operated digital for the first time and has success there. The food and companionship was great.

We consider this year a good Field Day because we setup and operated in the field as we would have needed to. Equipment and people were exercised.




2017 1st Annual Veterans Day Freedom Run

SARC volunteers provided communications on the route for the 1st Annual Green River Veterans Day Freedom Run.

Pictured left to right – Ron (N7ERH), Johnnie (N7ABC), Steve (KE7UUJ), Amy (WY7AJB), Rick (N1TEK), not shown Roger (NW7I)




Jamboree on the Air 2017


Sweetwater Amateur Radio Club and Wyoming Trails District of the Boy Scouts of America conducted Jamboree on the Air on October 21st. A Radio merit badge session was also conducted and six scouts completed their badge. The event was held at the Rock Springs Chamber of Commerce park.

Rick (N1TEK) conducted the merit badge sessions and Amy (WY7AJB) under the club call sign (WY7U) made contacts for the boys.